Asaf Raz, Agora Real Estate

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Asaf Raz, Head of Marketing, Agora

I kept seeing Agora in my social media feeds, most notably on LinkedIn (suggesting excellent marketing on their part) and quickly realized that Agora was a credible 'back end' solution for sponsors needing an investor management tool so that's why I invited their head of marketing, Asaf Raz, to join me on the podcast today to find out more about them.

To be clear, what we do here at GowerCrowd is to help sponsors attract, nurture, and convert prospects, and that what Agora does is handle those prospects once they actually make an investment.  They provide secure document management, distributions and a host of other services, competing with the likes of Juniper, IMS, Appfolio, and other, smaller providers.

Asaf is a great guy and their services and pricing competitive. Check out this podcast to learn, not just about what they do, but about their own marketing efforts where Asaf shares some of their secrets to success (like where they've found best to do paid advertising).

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