Sponsor Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I am the sponsor/developer of a real estate project and have been invited to appear on a podcast show with Adam Gower to discuss and advertise the offering.

As a condition to my appearance, I hereby acknowledge as follows:

  1. No Promises. Neither Adam nor anyone else has made any promises to me about the results of appearing on the podcast. Among other things, he hasn’t promised that any particular number of potential investors will view the podcast or that the podcast or his marketing efforts will result in raising any capital for the project.
  2. My Conduct. I will conduct myself professionally and in good taste on the podcast. I will not defame or disparage anyone, nor infringe on the rights of anyone.
  3. No Misrepresentations. I will not make any false statements (misrepresentations) about the project, myself, or my company on the podcast, nor fail to provide information necessary to make my statements not misleading. I will not make any promises about the financial return investors can expect from the project, nor understate the risks of the project.
  4. No Limit on Questions. There is no limit on the questions Adam may ask me, even if the questions or my answers reflect poorly on the project.
  5. Manner of Offering. The offering is exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933 and under the laws of any State. I am conducting the offering under an exemption that allows general advertising and solicitation.
  6. License to Use Podcast. I grant to GowerCrowd the right to use the podcast and all materials I provide in any way it wants to, forever, without paying any royalties, as long as any use is professional and in good taste. For example, GowerCrowd may charge its subscribers for access to the podcast, use the podcast and related materials in its own promotional advertising, and/or license or assign its rights to the podcast to third parties. Under no circumstances will I have the right to prohibit publication and distribution of the podcast or related materials I provide.
  7. Role of GowerCrowd. GowerCrowd is a media and promotional company. It is not a broker-dealer, investment adviser, or financial adviser. I will not suggest otherwise. For example, I will not suggest that GowerCrowd is helping me to raise capital, providing investment advice to its subscribers, or that GowerCrowd recommends or approves of my project. Nor will I disparage GowerCrowd or Adam.
  8. No Editorial Control. I understand that I will have no editorial control over the podcast or its publication.
  9. Indemnification. I will indemnify and hold harmless GowerCrowd from any losses it may incur, or any claims that may be brought against it, arising from my appearance on the podcast, my violation of these acknowledgments, or the project itself, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.
  10. Miscellaneous.
    • Amendments and Waivers. These acknowledgments may not be changed without the written consent of GowerCrowd and me. If GowerCrowd waives my compliance with these acknowledgments in a given instance, that doesn’t mean it has waived future instances.
    • Governing Law. This document will be governed by the internal laws of California without taking into account principles of conflicts of laws. All disputes will be resolved in the Federal or California courts located in or most geographically convenient to San Luis Obispo County, California.
    • Signature. By appearing on the podcast show, I accept these terms and conditions in their entirety.
    • No Conflicting Agreements. There are no other agreements relating to my appearance on the podcast that conflict with this document.

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