Take a look inside the 2023 VC Playbook with Fundrise CEO Ben Miller

Howdy GowerCrowders!

As we enter the second half of February 2023, there’s a lot to catch up on in terms of real estate crowdfunding news.

This week, we’re going to cover a new Class A development in a major logistics hub from CrowdStreet and give you an overview of an upcoming Fund Introduction Call from the Commercial Investors Group, or CIG.

We’ll also look at CCA’s 2022 Investment Crowdfunding Annual Report and the February Flash Call with CrowdStreet CIO Ian Formigle. Additionally, we’ll check out some of the proprietary deal data you can only find here at GowerCrowd, with our Week 6 2023 SEC Filing Report.

Per custom, we’ll finish things off with a review of the latest episode of the Fundrise podcast: Onward.

Let’s get into it.

New Crowdfunding Platform Deals

CrowdStreet is hosting a webinar for a new investment opportunity, Castings Commerce Park, an industrial property in Columbus, Ohio. This project sits in a strategic location in a high-demand submarket chosen by several corporate heavy-hitters, including Intel, Honda, LG, and Blackstone. It boasts a sub-4% vacancy and 14% YoY rent growth. 

It also offers investors reduced risk due to the fact that the debt is secured, GMP executed, and work on the project is already underway. Learn more about Castings Commerce Park at CrowdStreet, here

Up next is a Fund Introduction Call from CIG. This opportunity is only available for accredited investors with at least $100,000 in liquid capital. 

During the interactive webinar, participants will engage in a back-and-forth with CIG representatives, discussing their individual investment goals and objectives, answering any questions viewers might have about the fund, and seeing if they qualify to invest with the team at CIG. Register for the Fund Introduction Call directly at CIG here.

General Crowdfunding Industry News

Crowdfund Capital Advisors just released their 2022 Investment Crowdfunding Annual Report, featuring a look at the wild ride that was 2022 in the crowdfunding space. Whether you’re looking at inflation, supply chain shortages, geopolitical events, or the pullback in real estate- there was a lot to cover. 

In the report, CCA looks at the big events last year and does a deep-dive into the data, including a list of all the companies that raised more than $1MM via crowdfunding, and a glance at the staggering 320,000 Americans that poured more than half a billion dollars into regulation crowdfunding opportunities. They also share some of their predictions for 2023. It’s a good read- you can check it out on CCA, here.

Crowdfunding Platform Updates

CrowdStreet is hosting a “February Flash Call” with CIO Ian Formigle on Feb 15th at 11 am PST. During the chat, Formigle will field questions from participants as well as discuss his current view of the market- and where we’re headed in the days, weeks, and months to come. This event will not be recorded- so make sure to tune in live! You can register for the event on CrowdStreet, here.

SEC Filings Graphs

On to Week 6 of GowerCrowd’s exclusive SEC filing report data. We saw an enormous jump in new Reg D (b) deals last week, rising from 18 in Week 5 to a very healthy 34 in Week 6. The total number of Reg D (c) deals dropped slightly, from 9 in Week 5 to 7 in Week 6. The total amount being raised also dropped slightly from $0.72 billion in Week 5 to $0.57 billion in Week 6. 

Texas remained the state with the most dollars raised, with $0.35 billion in Week 5 and $0.22 billion in Week 6. While we saw the most deals in Texas last week, this week, Iowa took the top spot in terms of number of deals, with California and then Texas rounding out the top 3 states by number of deals. Get into the data for yourself, only on GowerCrowd, here.

Multimedia Links (Videos, Podcasts, etc.)

Finally, we’re going to look at a new podcast: “Inside the VC playbook: After a tech bubble collapse — Episode 17 of Onward, a Fundrise Podcast.” In this episode, Fundrise CEO Ben Miller and co-host Cardiff Garcia discuss the fascinating- and unforgiving- world of venture capital. This topic is of interest to many investors out there, especially those in the RE crowdfunding world, which has been at the intersection of tech and finance since the 2012 JOBS Act legalized the practice nationwide. 

Using lessons he learned during the 2000 bubble collapse, Miller examines how companies can still raise capital in a high interest rate environment, and how broader economic changes will affect you, the individual crowdfunding investor or sponsor. Listen for yourself directly on Fundrise, here.

That’s it for this week- but we will see you soon with lots more crowdfunding news stories, new deals, updates, and more. Ciao!

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