RealtyMogul CEO and Founder Jilliene Helman’s story

Commentary July 12, 2022

As heatwaves rock cities across the U.S., we’re back with all of the hottest (get it?) news in the real estate crowdfunding space. This week we’re going to look at a Live Investor Q and A with the Sponsors of 2300 9th Street over at RealtyMogul, alongside an AcreTrader-listed timber opportunity in the great state of Alabama and a brand new deal from Oak Cliff, a 47 Acre Mixed Use Development In Dallas, Texas. We’ll also get to know Revive Asset Solutions, a newcomer to the space that crowdfunds multiple distressed properties into “sellable, rentable gems.” 

We’ll finish off the newsletter with a look at Fundrise’s newest Jacksonville, Florida acquisition as well as a new episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, where RealtyMogul CEO Jilliene Helman discusses the ongoing push to democratize real estate investing through crowdfunding deals. 

Let’s get into it. 

New Crowdfunding Platform Deals

On Jul 14, 2022, at 10:00 AM PST, RealtyMogul has a planned webinar for a new project, 2300 9th Street, a boutique office asset located in Arlington, VA, and hosted by sponsor Pearlmark. The live webinar will give investors the opportunity to ask questions about the upcoming deal as well as provide the next steps for investors interested in 2300 9th Street. You can sign up for the webinar on RealtyMogul, here.

We’re staying in the South for our next deal, heading to the fertile forests of Alabama, where you’ll find the Walker Timber Tract, a productive timber farm located in Walker County, AL, and hosted by the fine folks over at AcreTrader. The farm has 463 acres, made up of four contiguous parcels with well-maintained, paved roads, and private gates at each entrance and exit. The farm’s infrastructure is strong, with excellent harvest operability, and a reduced chance of the need to invest additional capital into the internal systems of the farm. Check it out for yourself on AcreTrader.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got a new 47 Acre Mixed Use Development In Dallas, Texas brought to us by Oak Cliff Community Investment Fund, LLC. In the first phase of the project, the firm seeks to acquire, entitle, and sell the property to a partner entity. That entity will then begin development on the project with the game plan to provide participating investors with a significant return within 5 years. 

The planned mixed-use development was created to meet affordable housing demand in the area, alongside providing retail and community space which is currently sorely lacking in the southern sector of Dallas. Learn more for yourself at the Oak Cliff Community Investment Fund site, here

General Crowdfunding Industry News

Affordability is the secret shame of the real estate industry right now. After bouncing back from pandemic lows, housing is skyrocketing in cities across the US, from Austin to Appaloosa. This is pricing many Americans out of quality housing and leading to countless issues related to economic and social achievement, houselessness, and a myriad of other societal issues that come from having a large population without access to quality housing. One Ohio-based firm is trying to change that- Revive Asset Solutions

Unlike many in the space, they seem willing to name names in their quest for affordability- recently announcing that they “put a slumlord out of business,” by turning his six properties into eminently-livable rental properties that helped to revitalize the local community. Learn more about their efforts at FRN, here

Crowdfunding Platform Updates

Fundrise recently acquired 146 rental homes in Jacksonville, Florida, for a purchase price of around $55.9 million. At the time of the acquisition, 90% of the homes were occupied. The firm acquired “Treeline Trails,” in accordance with their overarching strategy to acquire and manage affordable Sunbelt properties, taking advantage of the tremendous demand in the region as millions of Americans move there in search of reduced regulations, a warmer climate, and (relatively) affordable property. Get the latest investor update at Fundrise, here.

Multimedia Links (Videos, Podcasts, etc.)

Finally, we’ve got a new podcast for your listening pleasure, MB326: Democratizing Access to Quality Real Estate Deals – With Jilliene Helman, hosted on Listen Notes. Helman is the CEO and founder of Realty Mogul, a crowdfunding platform that has proudly taken on the mantle of being a driving force for the continued democratization of real estate. In the podcasts, she talks about her background in banking, what led her to develop a 360-degree view of wealth management, and some of the challenges and triumphs she faced while starting RealtyMogul. It’s a great episode and we highly recommend you give it a listen for yourself, here.

That’s all for this week- but we’ll see you soon with lots more crowdfunding updates, real estate CF stories, new crowdfunding deals, and more! See you then!

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