How Industrial CRE Can Help Your Portfolio Thrive During a Downturn

This week, on “The GowerCrowd Real Estate Crowdfunding Newsletter,” we’ve got: 

-A look at an Opportunistic Trophy Asset in Miami’s “Wall Street South” 

-An update on “Irondale at Wharton,” a Diversified Properties project that just broke ground in Morris County, NJ

-Learn 5 ways to fight inflation with farmland

-A discussion with Dr. Adam Gower and Joel Friedland, Co-Founder of Brit Properties

-Even more new deals, crowdfunding news stories, platform updates, and real estate crowdfunding podcasts

New Crowdfunding Platform Deals

1601 Washington, Lincoln Place, is a new office project from Nightingale Properties, hosted on CrowdStreet. The project sits in what is known as “Wall Street South,” Miami’s bustling financial district, that acts as a capital hub for cities across the Gulf Region and beyond. 

This Miami office project offers investors immediate value via its 13% discounted acquisition price in the nation’s best-performing office market- and the extreme rent growth that comes with the crown. The project itself has a targeted investor IRR of 23.5%, a targeted equity multiple of 1.8x, and an average cash yield of 4.1%. 

You can read more about this South Florida office paradise on the fact sheet here. There’s also an upcoming webinar and Q&A hosted by Nightingale Properties on CrowdStreet taking place on Thursday, November 10, you can watch a live version or a recorded copy on CrowdStreet, here.

General Crowdfunding Industry News

Over the past 6 months, we’ve occasionally covered “The Irondale at Wharton,” a New Jersey Class-A multifamily community developed by Montville, NJ-based Diverisifed Properties and hosted on RealtyMogul. 

It’s always a treat to see the early lifecycle of a building or project play out like we’re now seeing with The Irondale, with the project having recently broken ground at 47 Kossuth Street in Wharton, NJ. 

The project is set for completion in Q4 2023 and boasts phenomenal walkability, easy access to transit lines and highways, and competitive fixtures and furnishings, allowing the project to go up pound for pound against any Class A luxury multifamily units in the State of New Jersey. 

If you invested in this deal, or you’re just interested in seeing a real estate crowdfunding project from start to finish, check out this article from Real Estate Weekly.

Crowdfunding Platform Updates

Last week, we brought you the AcreTrader Fighting Inflation with Farmland Webinar. If you didn’t have the chance to give it a watch, we’d highly recommend you take a look- especially if you’re interested in the diversity, capital preservation, and growth potential of productive farmland. 

However, we’re all busy, and sitting down and watching a webinar is not in the cards for many of us. Luckily, AcreTrader released a crib notes article about the webinar last week- check it out here. Because life is short, and webinars can be long.

Multimedia Links (Videos, Podcasts, etc.)

Podcast “Kiss My Assets” recently released a new episode of their investment and real estate-oriented show, 110 – SPECIAL EPISODE: Discussion with Two Real Estate Disruptors; How Crowdfunding has Reshaped Investing. In it, co-founder Jamison Manwaring has a frank and insightful conversation with the founder of the crowdfunding platform Small Change- Eve Picker, discussing her career and history and the myriad benefits of equity crowdfunding. Listen for yourself here.

This week’s guest on Dr. Adam Gower’s “Real Estate Crowdfunding Show” is Joel Friedland. He’s the co-founder of Brit Properties and is counted among America’s leading experts in Class B and C industrial properties. 

In this week’s show, Dr. Gower and Joel discuss the value of industrial real estate, including how it has consistently outperformed all other real estate asset classes. They also discuss Joel’s recipe for success in the space. 

His time and investments in industrial real estate have provided him and his investors with steady income and growth through several real estate cycles. Joel and his investors have also largely avoided the boom and bust cycle that we see with many other real estate asset classes, markets, and companies- if you follow any real estate news in late 2022, you know what we’re talking about.

If you’re interested in finding a safer place to park your capital, give the podcast a listen– and maybe you’ll give industrial real estate a chance as well.

That’s it for this week’s newsletter- but we’ll be back with more crowdfunding news, new deals, platform updates, podcasts, and more! Ciao!

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