Grant Cardone Launches Fractional NFT Marketplace

We’re well into fall and back with another weekly update on all things real estate crowdfunding. This week we’ve got a full suite of new deals, industry news, and several platform updates, including a new NFT marketplace launch by and a new venture by real estate personality and mega-investor Grant Cardone

New Crowdfunding Platform Deals

Let’s head on down to Atlanta and check out the Savannah Midtown, a value-add opportunity on a Midtown Atlanta multifamily property on offer at Crowdstreet. The project is sponsored by a repeat sponsor on Crowdstreet’s platform, Liquid Capital, with an average realized IRR of more than 33%. This eminently walkable downtown project has a targeted investor IRR of 17.2%, a targeted equity multiple of 1.6x, a targeted average cash yield of 7.9%, and a targeted investment period of 3 years. The Savannah Midtown is open for investment now, head on over to Crowdstreet to get more details about this interesting Atlanta development.

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