Grant Cardone Launches Fractional NFT Marketplace

We’re well into fall and back with another weekly update on all things real estate crowdfunding. This week we’ve got a full suite of new deals, industry news, and several platform updates, including a new NFT marketplace launch by and a new venture by real estate personality and mega-investor Grant Cardone

New Crowdfunding Platform Deals

Let’s head on down to Atlanta and check out the Savannah Midtown, a value-add opportunity on a Midtown Atlanta multifamily property on offer at Crowdstreet. The project is sponsored by a repeat sponsor on Crowdstreet’s platform, Liquid Capital, with an average realized IRR of more than 33%. This eminently walkable downtown project has a targeted investor IRR of 17.2%, a targeted equity multiple of 1.6x, a targeted average cash yield of 7.9%, and a targeted investment period of 3 years. The Savannah Midtown is open for investment now, head on over to Crowdstreet to get more details about this interesting Atlanta development.

Now we’re going to head up north to Wisconsin, for a truly titanic new live, work, and play multifamily development with over 3 million SF of space. The Eastpark Apartments is a to-be-constructed, highly-walkable development in Madison, Wisconsin, which has the enviable title of the fastest growing city in the state of Wisconsin. The project represents the beginning of a “next-generation” master development with more than 80 companies and 8,000 employees, representing one of the largest new projects in the state. 

The Eastpark Apartments is being sponsored by UrbanStreet Group via Crowdstreet’s platform. It has a targeted investor IRR of 22.2%, a targeted equity multiple of 1.8x, a targeted average cash yield of 1.3%, and a targeted investment period of 3 years. Mosey on over to Crowdstreet to get more information about this project, here.

General Crowdfunding Industry News

Now on to some of the going-ons in the industry at large.

Real estate crowdfunding platform Republic recently raised $150 million in a Series B funding round. The funding round, led by Valor Equity Partners, alongside several other investors including Motley Fool Ventures, HOF Capital, Tribe Capital, and several others. As a condition of the deal, Vivek Pattipati, a partner at Valor will join Republic’s Board of Directors, in what Valor describes as a “ bet on the future of private investing and digital assets.” Get the full scoop at Crowdfund Insider, here.

While many of the projects we bring you each week are focused on commercial and/or multifamily developments, real estate crowdfunding investor interest in single-family homes has grown at a steady clip in recent years, particularly due to sky-high residential home values and consequent rents, as well as desires within the marketplace to hedge against inflation. As reported on, a group of 49 investors has teamed up to buy 50 homes in the Tuscon, Arizona area to be used as rental properties. The 49 individual investors spent $14.5 million on the single-family homes via the real estate crowdfunding platform RealtyMogul. The Tuscon market has seen incredible growth in recent years, much of which is being driven by information workers and other remote employees flooding the city in search of more affordable housing and a generally lower cost of living compared to expensive major metros on the coasts, a trend that was only accelerated by the realities of post-pandemic America. 

Crowdfunding Platform Updates

Finally, we’ll finish up with a platform update. If you’re even a casual follower of financial news you’re likely aware of the NFT craze. As a quick reminder, an NFT or “non-fungible token” is a unique and non-interchangeable form of data that is stored on a digital ledger, like the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains. These files are used to represent photos, video, audio, pictures, and other types of digital items, which utilize blockchain tech to establish verified, public proof of ownership., a global fintech, and hybrid real estate investment firm recently showed off the first blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding marketplace, offering up fractional NFTs representing individual properties or even an entire real estate portfolio. The firm debuted the new tech at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, but investors from across the world have the opportunity to use this novel technology to invest in crowdfunded real estate projects. Learn more about NFTs, real estate, and at, here.

Well, that about sums it up for October- but we’ll see you in November with lots of new deals, platform updates, and industry news. See you then!

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