CRE Crowdfunding From Crypto-currencies to Farmland

New Crowdfunding Platform Deals

Farm-focused crowdfunding platform AcreTrader has two new deals this week, the Ashton Farm and the Arlington Farm, both located smack dab in the American heartland in rural Illinois.

The Ashton Farm sits in Lee County, Illinois, roughly 2 miles northeast from the town of Ashton, Illinois, and about 75 miles west of Chicago. This 220-acre corn and soybean farm has a flex lease agreement which may provide investors with an additional upside. The farm’s operator has a longstanding relationship with AcreTrader, as well as a proven record of success. The capital raised in the offering will be used to fund drainage improvements on the farm. AcreTrader hosted a webinar for the farm on Tuesday, 10/19, you can catch the recording here.

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