CrowdStreet Expands Leadership Team

Fall is underway, school is starting, and we’re entering the latter half of Q3 2021. All eyes are on the economy as unemployment benefits lapse in most states and Democrat plans for a multi-trillion dollar rebuilding and revitalization bill remain in limbo.

But you’re here for one reason – to see how things are going in the real estate crowdfunding world – so let’s get on with it.

New Crowdfunding Platform Deals

CrowdStreet has a new offering on deck, the Pinto Business Park Industrial Development, which is a 282,000+ SF cross-dock distribution facility development within a high-growth submarket just outside of Houston, Texas. This industrial property has a targeted investor IRR of 15.3%, a targeted equity multiple of 1.5x, a targeted average cash yield of 1.8%, and a targeted investment period of 3 years. CrowdStreet will be hosting a live webinar and Q&A session for the project on Thursday, September 9 at 10:00 AM PT.

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