Crowdfunding an Iconic Santa Monica Hotel.

Kicking off this week’s news updates are some save-the-date announcements as follows:

  • March 2nd – Webinar
    • The first in our brand new Special Webinar series will be co-sponsored by Dr. Jeff Anzalone (the Debt Free Doctor) and Kris Benson, CIO at Reliant Real Estate Management, is titled ’10 Reasons EVERY Doctor Should Have Self-Storage in Their Portfolio.’
  • March 7-12th – Bootcamp (with special early bird discount)
    • Check out the free training on this page but only sign up for the Bootcamp if you are really motivated and not afraid of some hard work!
  • April 5th – 10 Year Anniversary Webinar
    • We are hosting a webinar with the founders and CEO’s of all the major crowdfunding platforms to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the JOBS Act of 2012.

New Crowdfunding Platform Deals

We’ll start off on the historic Santa Monica Pier, where The Georgian Hotel, a local mainstay hospitality property is now up for redevelopment. The property, listed on CrowdStreet, is known as “Santa Monica’s First Lady” and is one of the most iconic properties in the Los Angeles Metro area. It sits on world-famous Ocean Avenue, just a short walk away from downtown Santa Monica, Ocean Avenue, and the Third Street Promenade. 

This hospitality property has a targeted investor IRR of 20%, a targeted equity multiple of 2.3x, a targeted average cash yield of 8.5%, and a targeted investment period of 5 years. Check it out on CrowdStreet, here.

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