A new direction and name change for real estate crowdfunding platform LendingHome.

It’s been an exciting week in the real estate crowdfunding space. We saw CrowdStreet’s Life Sciences & Healthcare Fund I, LLC, Series I go live, a new manufactured home project, also listed on CrowdStreet, a new Avocado farm crowdfund offering at AcreTrader, and a big name change for crowdfunding platform LendingHome. Let’s get into it. 

New Crowdfunding Platform Deals

The CrowdStreet Life Sciences and Healthcare Fund 1 went live last week, with investment opportunities now available for interested investors. This fund targets properties that are in a position to benefit from the substantial coming growth in the healthcare and life sciences sectors which is largely driven by the number of Americans aging into retirement. CrowdStreet seeks to balance appreciation and income with this fund, and it is purpose-built to be able to take advantage of different markets, sponsors, and investment strategies- remaining more nimble than many other focused funds. Check it out at CrowdStreet, here.

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