Find More Prospects Nurture Existing Investors and Raise More Money

Discover how to drive prospects to your deals and convert them into repeat investors using the power of content marketing.

The power of content marketing

Equity ignition is all about raising more equity capital for your real estate deals while spending less time working on it.


You're going to learn how to do that by:

1. digitizing your message,


2. communicate with your ideal investor prospect consistently,


3. identify prospects wherever they are, whenever they want you,


4. and all without having to spend another minute of your day doing it.

NOW is the perfect time to be raising capital online
  • Everyone is working remotely, online.
  • Even high value target investor groups like physicians, finance professional, C-Suite executives are working online.
  • Investors are actively demanding online solutions to broaden their investment portfolios.
  • The world is moving online and the Coronavirus pandemic has simply been a massive catalyst for that change.
  • Even after the pandemic is over, many of the habits forming today will last forever.


The good news is that your prospects ALL WANT WANT YOU ARE OFFERING: passive income and greater wealth.


The bad news is that they inherently don’t trust you to take their big check until they get to know you.


LEARN HOW YOU CAN get prospects to WANT to invest with you


before you even ask them to.


Important Notice

No matter how effective a capital raising system you build, unless you have good deals with attractive terms and are able to demonstrate you can deliver for investors, you may not raise a single dollar.


What you are guaranteed to learn in this training is how to put your best foot forward, how to attract exactly the kind of investor you want, and how to pitch your deals in a way that predisposes them to wanting to invest with you.

PLUS you're going to learn how to do all this in a fraction of the time you currently spend, freeing you up to find the deals and doing what you enjoy most - developing real estate projects. 

The Cost

The cost of this training course is regularly $397 but for one day only you can enroll for just $49.

Here's what you're getting:

  • The definitive guide to creating amazing content to attract prospects and convert them into being active, repeat investors.


  • Learn how to write compelling, high value educational articles without having to write single word.


  • Discover how to create 20 pieces of content from one, and become recognized as a thought leader - a master in the field.


  • You'll learn how to decide what to 'write' about so you never have writer's block again.


  • Learn how to answer the questions your prospects are asking before they even ask - as though you are reading their mind.


What you're getting are the EXACT tools and techniques we use with private clients to raise tens of millions of dollars in equity capital for them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Real estate is risky enough and learning how to improve your systems shouldn't be so that's why I'm offering you a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

If you have any reason at all for not finding the training to your satisfaction, let me know and I'll promptly give you a refund - plus you get to keep everything you've learned anyway, so there's nothing to return.

That's probably the only 100% risk free guarantee you'll find in the real estate business, anywhere!

Limited Time Offer

However, this special offer is available for ONE DAY ONLY.

One the timer below counts down to zero, THIS OFFER WILL EXPIRE. 

This is a great opportunity to find more prospects, convert them into investors, raise more money and SPEND LESS TIME DOING IT!


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