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Learn how a buy, fix and hold strategy for our IncomePlus Fund enables investors to realize the full tax benefits of investing in #realestate: https://t.co/UIpKI46t91

LA meet ADU. ADU meet affordable housing. Affordable housing meet investment opportunity. Investment opportunity meet YOU. Check out LA's Bungalow Gardens, open to invest (18 yrs+), now on Small Change. https://t.co/NjoxXhuNFw

Nationally ranked schools, rapid job growth, affordable housing and more make the Raleigh-Durham market prime for #CRE investing https://t.co/htsPhiKyLg

Small Change founder Eve Picker's latest blog post looks making sure you get the most #impact out of your impact #investment. Read it now: https://t.co/hkmCp9lR8Z

We are thrilled to showcase Eclipse Scottsdale, our "vision of the future" in regards to design, sustainability, and affordability!

Learn more about this project: https://t.co/sat4BtMFGB

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