Would You Like Me To Design A Custom Investor Marketing Blueprint for You

For Free?


From the Desk of Dr. Adam Gower

Beverly Hills, California


Dear Friend,


I’ve allocated some time to design a custom investor marketing blueprint customized specifically for you.


We set a time to meet by phone conference during which we will outline an investor marketing plan that is tailored specifically for you and the deals you do.


After the call, we will send you a fully detailed summary of everything we have discussed that you can put to immediate work attracting your next generation of equity investors.


It Works Like This


Ahead of the call we will do some homework.


We look at your existing digital footprint, your website and other ‘real estate’ you own online, and we evaluate your presence as though we were a prospect wanting to invest with you.


Then We Do the Blueprint Call


During the call we will design for you a fully detailed marketing plan that starts with a foundation using and enhancing your current assets.  We then design your blueprint in real time with you.


What you get is completely unique to you and your company and is based on what you will have already told us about your investment philosophy, background, and goals for future fund raising.


There Is No Charge For This
and No Sales Pitch


If I were you though, I’d be wondering why in the world would Gower be doing this for free?


So being straightforward, as you know I am, (or will come to know), I do this because it’s how I get clients.


A decent number of the folk I do this for ask me to build out their systems and equity syndication campaigns for them.


And I love doing that.  Together with my tech team, we will optimize the digital landscape for you, claim your online real estate that you are not yet exploiting, and build out an entire master campaign to raise capital for you for the long haul.


Basically we do everything tech related, so you can focus on real estate.


So that’s the reason behind the ‘why’ we build these marketing plan blueprints entirely for free.


Not only that…


Your blueprint

Will be immediately actionable


I’m willing to put in the effort to design a plan for you because, whether you become a client or not, what you get will be of high value to you and the quality of our work will speak for itself.


And in the event you choose not to become a client that is 100% fine.


There will be zero pressure once the call is over.


Once you see what we lay out for you, you will realize how completely transformational bringing tech to real estate is, and how it can completely change the dynamic for you in raising equity.


In fact, I’m so confident I guarantee it.


And even though you know there are no guarantees in real estate, this one is totally genuine.


And that’s why I’ll make you this promise.


If you think I wasted your time I’ll send you a $100




If after we have designed your blueprint for you, you think there’s nothing of value there, I’ll immediately give you $100 to compensate for the time working together.


No questions asked.


Fact is that we’re going to lay out a strategy for you to raise capital online that will change the way you think about equity finance, and we’ll even give you a blueprint that you can put to work immediately we wrap up.


And if you decide to become our client that will be fantastic.  And if you don’t, that’s totally fine too.  Either way, I won’t pressure you at all.


Here's What to Do Next


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