Upgrade To VIP And Get $3,491 In Bonuses

VIP Medallion

During the Bootcamp there is going to be a LOT of training and the pace will be fast and intensive so you can get up and running with a fully functional lead generating Investor Acquisition System funnel in just five days.

It will be impossible to answer everyone's questions live or to provide tailored answers to help you specifically with your own unique branding and positioning.

That's why I wanted to invite you to join me as a VIP.

As a VIP you will get access to two bonus sessions with me personally where I'll do my best to answer everyone's specific questions live on the calls, and one private session with Lance Pederson, Conviction Capital, where you'll learn how to set up a FUND so you can scale and finance deals faster.

The special bonus sessions with me will occur on Thursday and Friday afternoon, March 10th and 11th. Both of those sessions will be at noon pacific, and with Lance on March 9th at 11am pacific.

There's a lot to cover in just 5-Days so please join me on these personalized Q&A sessions to get your questions answered.

I've added FIVE special bonuses just for VIPs...

BONUS 1 ($2,000 Value): 2 VIP Only Bonus Sessions

At the end of the challenge you will get access to TWO live VIP only bonus sessions with me, personally. I will be taking you to the next level and answering your questions to help you get the most success out of what you've learned.

In Session One, we'll cover ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS strategies so you can deepen your relationship with all your prospects simultaneously to make your deals irresistible when you pitch them.

In Session Two, you're going to discover how we add high octane to your list building tank with MARKETING MASTERY, where you'll learn how to create incredible prospect traffic to your deals through paid and unpaid marketing tactics that work.


BONUS 2 ($500 Value): How to structure a real estate fund

You are getting a real treat with SPECIAL GUEST LANCE PEDERSON of Conviction Capital, the country's foremost expert on real estate funds where you're going to learn everything you need to know about how to set up a fund, fund best practices, and optimal fund structures.

Don't just raise money for one deal, learn how to structure a fund with Lance so you can have the money you need when you need it.


BONUS 3 ($397 Value): Investor Indoctrination Email Sequences

During Bootcamp, you will be getting one set of indoctrination emails to auto-send to people who opt-in on your site.

With this course, we dive deep into how indoctrination sequences work and why you need them.

You also get two more swipe files with full training on these important opening emails, PLUS a guide on the different kinds of subjects lines you can use to maximize your open rates to make sure prospects read your emails.


BONUS 4 ($297 Value): Website Command

During the Bootcamp you are going to be getting a fully optimized, lead generation website that we will customize together to your own unique circumstances so you can find prospects and convert them into being investors.

Website Command takes you to the next level in customizing your website.  You'll learn how to manage your website without depending on any third party web-developer, so you can infinitely scale it.  If you can use a mouse and know how to drag-and-drop, you will LOVE this course.


BONUS 5 ($297 Value): Branding Mastery

Here is another bonus specifically chosen to enhance the learning you'll be getting in the Bootcamp.

While you'll be learning all about your 'Big Idea,' tag line and messaging during Bootcamp, upgrade your entire online presence with this course that will help you establish consistency and authority while implanting your name and brand in the mind of your prospects without them even realizing it's happening.


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