Start Attracting Real Estate Investors to Your Deals... In Just 5 Days!

Work with me LIVE for five days and let's build a fully functional investor acquisition system that gets RESULTS!

What We're Doing

1. We a complete digital marketing 'funnel,' fully loaded with social media posts, leading to articles on your website, a lead generation form, and an automated email system - all hooked up and ready to go! 

2. You're getting a WEBSITE that is optimized to raise money that we will customize to your unique situation and that you can use to raise money.

3. This is a BOOTCAMP after which you will have a fully functional Investor Acquisition System already driving prospects to your site.

How it will work

  We will be meeting every day for five days, LIVE, via a Zoom video conference.

  I'll be showing you exactly how to build a system that attracts prospects to you, adds them to your email lists, and automatically begins the process of converting them into becoming investors with you.

  You will watch me as I walk you through the entire process of customizing your website and building a digital marketing funnel and I've made it super simple for you... so that at the end of the bootcamp you'll have a system you can actually use to raise money, you'll also have brand new skills you never had before.

  You're getting access to a members only Facebook group dedicated specifically to the bootcamp, where you'll have access to all the training, can interact with other participants, and can get your questions answered.

This is a true Learning By Doing bootcamp.

Hands on, practical training with no fluff just down to business GET-IT-DONE stuff.

  You are literally getting a website optimized to raise money that I will personally show you how to customize by actually showing you what to do by doing it with you, one step at a time.

  You'll be able to use your own unique domain name if you like, or you can create a brand new one, and you'll have the option to keep what you build or transfer the learning to your own, current website.

  I'm going to guide you through connecting your website to an auto-email system and I'll give you some indoctrination email swipe-files that you can edit and use immediately.

You're going to write an article the EASY WAY, get it up on your website and connect it to social media and a lead generation form.

You are going to be accomplishing a LOT and it will be very fast paced - Bootcamp style - so if you implement everything we have planned over the 5-days you'll have a system that is already primed to attract prospects and convert them into being investors.

Important Notice

No matter how effective a capital raising system you build, unless you have good deals with attractive terms and are able to demonstrate you can deliver for investors, you may not raise a single dollar.

What you are guaranteed to learn in this training is how to build a fully functional lead generating funnel that you can either keep or implement on another website you own and we're going to make is SUPER SIMPLE to do.

PLUS you're going to learn how to do all this in a fraction of the time, using virtually no tech skills and building something that you can scale to as big as you want to get in your real estate business.


Bootcamp starts on Monday, February 22nd.

As soon as you register you'll be invited to set up your website that we will host for you FREE during the bootcamp.

We will be meeting every day for one hour during the Bootcamp via Zoom over 5 consecutive days of LIVE training.

My team and I will be with you every step of the way and you'll have the support (moral and otherwise) from your fellow bootcampers.

If you miss a live session, fear ye not, we have you covered.  Everything will be recorded and you will have eternal access to the entire training - at least until someone switches either Facebook or the Internet off.

The Cost

The cost of the 5-day bootcamp training is a ludicrously low $97.

This is a crazy low investment for LIVE HANDS ON TRAINING where you're going to learn exactly how to build a fully optimized, fully functional Investor Acquisition System in just 5 days - BY ACTUALLY BUILDING ONE!

You're getting all the ingredients you need to build your own marketing funnel to raise money - a website, a lead generation form, an automated email system PLUS you're going to actually 'write' a high value article and post it on your website.

Crazy how much you're going to be accomplishing in just 5-days.


The biggest barrier to success is getting started with a good system so I've figured out how to give it to you at a totally affordable price.

AND I've figured out how to make it super easy for you to implement.

I know I could probably charge 100x the price and it would easily be worth the price, but I really want to blow your socks off with this bootcamp so you'll realize this is the real deal.

And then I'm hopeful you'll want to learn more from me and take more of my trainings and leave awesome testimonials for me everywhere!

Bottom line though, if you want to know how to control your own destiny by building your own marketing funnels in just 5-days, this is the way to go.


The bootcamp starts on Monday, February 22, 2021.

Once the timer below hits zero, ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED.

This is an amazing opportunity to build a fully functional lead generating system to attract prospects and begin the nurturing process to convert them into being active, repeat investors - in just 5 days.

And at an incredible value.



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